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Relax. Recover. Recharge.

Our 30, 60 or 90 minute massages are available by appointment.

Cyro Revive offers massages that are a combination of neuro muscular and deep tissue massage which uses traditional massage techniques to loosen muscle tension, increase circulation and release trigger points.

Cupping therapy is also integrated into our treatments. Cupping can be described as localized suction on a muscle group to release tension and muscle soreness
and increase blood flow. 

Thai stretching uses compression movements and a series of stretches to loosen fascia surrounding the muscles and increase range of motion to help muscle
and joint mobility.

Megan, (or Magic Megan as her clients call her) is
Cryo Revive's massage therapist. Megan specializes in the therapeutic side of massage by concentrating on recovery and rehabilitation. Megan believes in the holistic approach to help with pain and injury and she tailors each session with her clients accordingly.

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Call us today at (404) 474-1441 to schedule a consultation with one of our highly-trained treatment specialist.

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